Monday, March 28, 2011

Out like a lamb

Good morning everyone!  Well, we went an entire weekend without snow although it's still brutally cold up here in Maine.  C'mon Spring where are you?

Anyway, I'm currently working on taking part in some upcoming fairs and festivals and should have some news soon.  In the meantime, there is a joint venture between Etsy's Team Homefront and NiceGurlNotes on Facebook called the Cute Stuff Sale on Friday April 1st.  I've been edged out by the other candlemakers but feel free to take a look at the sale anyway.  It's a great group of chicks selling some great stuff:)  

I'm also a member of April's Army, a group of extremely talented artists who found each other through their love of Regretsy.  For those who don't know Regretsy is a website run by April Winchell, voice of many of your favorite cartoon characters of old and daughter of Tigger, and her fiance.  Together they (and their fans) poke fun at the cringe worthy crafts being sold on Etsy, bring attention to some really cool and off the wall art, call out resellers and Etsy's insistence on not doing a damn thing about them or even acknowledging their existence (or the cyber version of closing your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling LA LA LA LA and hoping the complainer will shut up and go away).  They have over 70k fans on Facebook and April's Army is made up of over 1000 artists.  Of course, there are many on Etsy who hate the fact that Regretsy exists (many of them are crafters whose items have seen the Regretsy spotlight).  However, far from being just a group of meanie doody heads who pick on Etsy sellers, Regretsy has also held many charity events raising hundreds and thousands of money for Cancer patients, children and pets in need, and sellers (some fans some not) in dire financial straits.  There's another charity drive coming up shortly that I'll be participating in so keep watch for details.  

Finally, as March draws to a close here is a list of upcoming obscure holidays and their discounts:)  Have a great week everyone!  Chow for now:)

March 29 - Happy Birthday Coca Cola!  
20% off all cola scented candles
March 31 - Orange and Lemon Day  
20% off citrus scented candles
April 1 - The Apple Computer was invented (1976)
20% off Apple and apple pie candles
April 2 - The birthday of the US Mint (1792)
20% off Mint scented candles
April 3 - National Chocolate Moose Day
free shipping on all chocolate candles
April 4 - Chocolate Milk Powder (1828) and Homogeneous Milk day (1892)
Free shipping on Chocolate shake candles 
April 5th - Apple Cider Mill Day (1806)
free shipping on apple/pie candles

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  1. Nice to have an explanation of what Regretsy is all about. Just came over from Homefront blog meetup! woot woot!