Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Things for Spring!

Show of hands, who can believe it's nearly April already?

We've got lots to talk about this week! First, I've confirmed Culinarychiq Concepts will have a booth at the NAMI Art Walk, Saturday May 8th at Back Cove, Portland (see earlier blog for details). I should hopefully have news in a week or so about vending at a show coinciding with Augusta's Whatever Festival in June so keep checking back for that:)

I'm currently working on a few new pies and beverages for the summer and hope to unveil my brand new Italian Ice candle shortly. The idea has been dancing around in my head but oh to how to implement it in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner? I'm also happy to announce Culinarychiq Concepts now has a shop on Etsy and 1000markets! It's a great site with lots of beautiful and unique things to buy made by some very talented artists. So come on by and peruse the new shop.

Finally, hubby and I have launched a new blog called Egg Drop Soup and we need your help. So stop on over there, have a read and get information about our 1st giveaway drawing for some free candles! Pass the word on to your friends and have a great week everyone!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

Spring has sprung at last! Well, for most of us anyway, condolences to those who found themselves buried in snow this weekend. Anyway, whenever there's a change in season talk turns to the ole egg standing on end trick. While there seems to be some debate as to whether you can stand an egg on end strictly during the Spring Equinox or any time during the year, I decided to look into some interesting facts about eggs.
  • How do you know if an egg is raw or hardboiled? Spin it, if it wobbles, it’s raw, if it doesn't, it’s not!
  • If you drop an egg on the floor, drown it in salt for easy clean up!
  • Eggs are #2 on the The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network's list of foods that cause the most allergic reactions.
  • An egg's color is based on the color of the chicken (white for white, red for brown) not her diet.
  • Brown eggs and white eggs both have the same nutritional value.
  • The fresher the egg when boiled, the more difficult it is to peel! This is because as an egg ages the albumen (white stuff) dries up forming an air bubble between it and the shell.
  • The smallest egg in the world is laid by the hummingbird.
  • The largest egg in the world is laid by the ostrich.
  • 1474 - Basel, Switzerland - a rooster is accused, tried and convicted of being a sorcerer and burned at the stake together with his egg. (and no, roosters cannot lay eggs)
Looking for an unusual egg recipe? How about Bacon and Egg Ice Cream? Sounds strange yes, but apparently it's pretty awesome so if you like making ice cream, give this a whirl! My favorite type of egg to eat, EVER, has to be Scotch Eggs! There just are no words to describe the joy in scarfing down this fried, breaded, meaty, fattening, artery hardening, heart clogging treat but if you ever get the chance to have one, by all means enjoy! Hey, everything in moderation right?

Now to business, I've listed a few new items in my Etsy shop this week. If you liked my Pina Colada candle you'll love my Large Margarita candle complete with salt and smells so real you'll have to stop yourself from taking a sip! You can also find my sweet scented Strawberry Pie, tart and delicious scented Lemon Meringue Pie, and if you were a fan of my Apple and Pumpkin Pie candles last year you'll fall head over heels over my new Blueberry Pie. It looks and smells so real your mouth will water for the real thing! Finally, if you like my mini Hot Fudge Sundae you'll love my new mini Old Fashioned Strawberry Shake candle complete with whipped cream dollop. If candles just aren't your thing or you're looking to expand your foodie decor, check out my new line of funky Java Cats, perfect for the coffee enthusiast. Check out my Etsy widget just to your left for pictures of my latest creations or visit

I've also decided to implement my recycling program in a continued attempt to reduce my carbon footprint on this great planet of ours. Now when you buy a beverage, ice cream or mini candle, return the glass in good condition when the candle burns out and get 30% off your next purchase!

Until next week, chow for now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Changing clocks, changing bandages, changing weather...

Good morning to all! I'm lounging on my couch on a wet, chilly day, a vigilant puppy sits by my foot guarding the windows, and nursing my ankle after somehow managing to slip on a rock and badly twisting my ankle last week. Nothing is broken luckily, although the pain told me otherwise, and I'm starting to be able to hobble around the house without the use of a crutch but I'm supposed to keep my air cast on until the end of the week so it's just a matter of being patient while nature does her thing.

Anyway, this unfortunately means no new unveilings this week. However, I am awaiting confirmation of my spot vending for the NAMI Maine Art Walk on May 8th from 10am - 4pm at Back Cove in Portland. NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness and every year communities all over the country sponsor these walks to raise awareness about better treatment options and recovery systems with proceeds benefiting families affected by mental illness.

This particular walk is a partnership between NAMI and Glenn Close's BringChange2Mind Foundation that helps fight and educate to end stigma. There'll be puppet shows, face painting, a live rock and roll band, and a donated pot-luck lunch is available after the walk and award ceremony. It's also been confirmed that Glenn Close herself will be making an appearance. So if you're in the Portland area come by and show support for the runners and look over some great arts and crafts. Or you can help the cause by donating, supporting a walker or get into the action yourself and walk or organize a walking team yourself!

Don't forget to move your clocks forward if you haven't already and be sure to check back next week for some new drink and pie candles! Chow for now!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Delicious goings on are afoot!

March looks to be a very busy month as there are now 7 new items listed in my shop with much more to come! I had so much fun making my Old Fashioned Hot Fudge SuJustify Fullndae candles that I’ve decided to make a smaller votive sized version which is now featured for $5 plus shipping. This week I’m also unveiling the long promised Orange Dream sherbet candle that smells as sweet and creamy as it looks and, for a taste of the tropics to help you lose those winter blues, there’s my mouthwatering Pina Colada candle.

Next week you’ll be introduced to my strawberry, mixed berry and blueberry pies and strawberry milkshake will be added to the ice cream line of luscious soy candles. For those who may have missed it another creation I had fun with, the Irish Coffee candle, is now on sale so pick one up today!

I anticipate announcing consignment at two local stores as well as my spring and summer fair schedule this month once I confirm the venues so if you live in Maine or intend to visit the Portland area feel free to look me up! Keep checking this blog for updates and feel free to browse my shop: for items available now. As always if there’s something you’d like but don’t see, drop me a line and ask me about it.


Now, when you place an order, you'll receive a sample tealight of a different candle currently available at Culinarychiq Concepts or get a sneak preview of upcoming candles: Blueberry Pie, Strawberry Milkshake, Lemon Meringue Pie and Margarita!

If you have a tealight preference, please leave a message when you order otherwise let it be a pleasant surprise:)

Chow for now!