Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Things for Spring!

Show of hands, who can believe it's nearly April already?

We've got lots to talk about this week! First, I've confirmed Culinarychiq Concepts will have a booth at the NAMI Art Walk, Saturday May 8th at Back Cove, Portland (see earlier blog for details). I should hopefully have news in a week or so about vending at a show coinciding with Augusta's Whatever Festival in June so keep checking back for that:)

I'm currently working on a few new pies and beverages for the summer and hope to unveil my brand new Italian Ice candle shortly. The idea has been dancing around in my head but oh to how to implement it in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner? I'm also happy to announce Culinarychiq Concepts now has a shop on Etsy and 1000markets! It's a great site with lots of beautiful and unique things to buy made by some very talented artists. So come on by and peruse the new shop.

Finally, hubby and I have launched a new blog called Egg Drop Soup and we need your help. So stop on over there, have a read and get information about our 1st giveaway drawing for some free candles! Pass the word on to your friends and have a great week everyone!

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