Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

Spring has sprung at last! Well, for most of us anyway, condolences to those who found themselves buried in snow this weekend. Anyway, whenever there's a change in season talk turns to the ole egg standing on end trick. While there seems to be some debate as to whether you can stand an egg on end strictly during the Spring Equinox or any time during the year, I decided to look into some interesting facts about eggs.
  • How do you know if an egg is raw or hardboiled? Spin it, if it wobbles, it’s raw, if it doesn't, it’s not!
  • If you drop an egg on the floor, drown it in salt for easy clean up!
  • Eggs are #2 on the The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network's list of foods that cause the most allergic reactions.
  • An egg's color is based on the color of the chicken (white for white, red for brown) not her diet.
  • Brown eggs and white eggs both have the same nutritional value.
  • The fresher the egg when boiled, the more difficult it is to peel! This is because as an egg ages the albumen (white stuff) dries up forming an air bubble between it and the shell.
  • The smallest egg in the world is laid by the hummingbird.
  • The largest egg in the world is laid by the ostrich.
  • 1474 - Basel, Switzerland - a rooster is accused, tried and convicted of being a sorcerer and burned at the stake together with his egg. (and no, roosters cannot lay eggs)
Looking for an unusual egg recipe? How about Bacon and Egg Ice Cream? Sounds strange yes, but apparently it's pretty awesome so if you like making ice cream, give this a whirl! My favorite type of egg to eat, EVER, has to be Scotch Eggs! There just are no words to describe the joy in scarfing down this fried, breaded, meaty, fattening, artery hardening, heart clogging treat but if you ever get the chance to have one, by all means enjoy! Hey, everything in moderation right?

Now to business, I've listed a few new items in my Etsy shop this week. If you liked my Pina Colada candle you'll love my Large Margarita candle complete with salt and smells so real you'll have to stop yourself from taking a sip! You can also find my sweet scented Strawberry Pie, tart and delicious scented Lemon Meringue Pie, and if you were a fan of my Apple and Pumpkin Pie candles last year you'll fall head over heels over my new Blueberry Pie. It looks and smells so real your mouth will water for the real thing! Finally, if you like my mini Hot Fudge Sundae you'll love my new mini Old Fashioned Strawberry Shake candle complete with whipped cream dollop. If candles just aren't your thing or you're looking to expand your foodie decor, check out my new line of funky Java Cats, perfect for the coffee enthusiast. Check out my Etsy widget just to your left for pictures of my latest creations or visit

I've also decided to implement my recycling program in a continued attempt to reduce my carbon footprint on this great planet of ours. Now when you buy a beverage, ice cream or mini candle, return the glass in good condition when the candle burns out and get 30% off your next purchase!

Until next week, chow for now!

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