Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who Wants Breakfast?

This has been an interesting week of inspiration for me. I sat there staring at my new fragrance oils and mulling over what to do with them after some disastrous results last week and wondering if for the first time I might have to chalk up my latest purchase to a loss. No one in business likes to lose money and the best thing to do is always try to make back at least what you spent.

Anyway, I was watching my favorite movie Julie & Julia (by the way if you haven't read Julia Child's autobiography, My Life In France, definitely pick it up it's an awesome read:) and everything started to fall into place! And so I bring you my latest creations the Breakfast In a Jar scented soy candles:

Choose between Breakfast In a Jar, Continental Breakfast In a Jar and Deluxe Breakfast In a Jar, layered candles with lids hand painted to reflect a bright sunny morning:)

Deluxe Breakfast In a Jar contains the fresh scents of Orange Juice, Smoky Bacon and Maple Syrup reminiscent of a good Sunday morning breakfast!

Continental Breakfast In a Jar has Orange Juice and Maple Syrup scents of breakfast on the go!

Breakfast In a Jar is the idea that started it all and has the scents of Smoky Bacon and Maple Syrup.

Finally, a candle I'm most proud of at how well an experiment can turn out, but then I'm always happy when a risky candle turns out well, Bacon In a Jar!

This candle smells just like smoked bacon cooking on a griddle with a lid that's hand painted to look like strips of streaky bacon!

Every jar candle shown today contains 8oz of wax and sells for $10 plus shipping. Visit to order from my shop and as always custom orders are welcome. That's about it for now I think. Have a great week everyone, be sure to voice your opinion in my vanilla milkshake poll in the top left corner of your screen by Wednesday, April 21st and don't forget to check out my personal blog Egg Drop Soup. Chow for now!

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