Monday, December 28, 2009

Greetings and salutations!

First, I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and hope you all got to where you needed to safely.

My name is Miranda and I am a Culinary chick! International cuisine and the various methods of cooking and preparing food amongst the various cultures that grace this great planet of ours has always fascinated me. I found myself glued to Food Network when it was in its infancy and finally last year I enrolled in Culinary school in the hopes of someday becoming a chef and opening up my own little piece of epicurean heaven.

With the economy (and personal finances) being what they are my dream is slow going. I'm not just a culinary student but a military wife as well and when the US government dictated it was time to pick up and move to a new station, my quest for a degree quickly became a race for a certificate which I managed to obtain just weeks before transfer. Now as I hunt for a decent school to finish my degree I'm finding the job market to be less than hospitable to a non-Mainer living in the boonies with enough schooling for at line cook position at a wage places around here seem only to happy to offer only to the very experienced chefs (who sadly it appears are actually taking the much reduced paying positions). So I plan to make my way slowly, stealthily into the field searching for volunteer work, food prep temp jobs with catering companies until I can at least finish my degree.

In the meantime I plan my attack. I develop and tweak recipes for friends, family and neighbors for items that hope to find their place on my future menu and to raise money for my future endeavor I've resurrected an old craft business of mine I've recently dubbed Culinarychiq Concepts. Currently I make faux food soy wax candles that look and smell like pies, hot chocolate and coffee and whoopie pies. I intend to extend this line to other food items over the course of the next year as well as add a line of food themed dammit dolls (for those who don't know what a dammit doll is, I'll explain later on when I'm ready to launch them in a few weeks:) I'm also considering several other little projects that will be a pure delight to all you foodies out there who love anything and everything epicurean!

And so be sure to check out my page on etsy: and check back here often for updates on my quest and of course new items added to the store:) I'm also currently searching for fairs and festivals in Maine this spring and summer who are looking for craft vendors so give me a heads up if you know any!

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy new year! Chow (ciao) for now!

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